Articles on Druidry

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The Bardic Ideal. What is the meaning of "bardic" and "bard" in a druidian sense? it is an ideal or way of life tht goes beyond being an entertainer, a writer, or an artist. Bardism exalts the artist and poet above the common man and recognizes in him or her a conduit for the Divine Imagination, the creative power that is ever at work making the cosmos.

Entering Faerie: Elves, Ancestors, and Otherworlds. What do we mean when we speak of Faerie and its inhabitants. Is is a place apart, somewhere else? Or are the Otherworlds of myth and legend real and just the blink of an eye away from us? This paper explores the appearance of Faerie and the shee-folk of Celtic legend in narratives of personal experience and in literature.

The Druid's Prayer. Famous among OBOD druids and the older traditional British druid orders, this prayer contains the whole philosophy of druidry and a complete way to understand our relationship to God, the Divine Source of All. Understanding, Knowledge, Justice and Love are the four great blessings of that Source.

Druid Education. A meditation made when I was serving as Chancellor of the Avalon Center for Druidic Studies, an adventure in creating a druid school of magic unattached to any particular initiatic order. Possible or not? What would a druid college be like?

Thrice Twenty-one Virtues. Twenty-one triads delineating the virtues and values of Druids.