Athame is the traditional name for a witch's ceremonial blade. They are often black-handled. The ones I made also have blades of obsidian, knapped to a sharp edge by ancient methods that go back to the stone age. I do not make many of these, but you might talk me into it.

Obsidian Athame. Spiral handle, Ogham inscription and jet pommel stone. The blade is secured to the handle with deer sinew wrappings.

A special order with a bronze leaf-shaped blade. The carved oak leaves and acors are colored naturally and the pommel stone is a tree agate.
Sadly, I do not have regular access to bronze blades.

Obsidian Athame with Faerie star, Moon, and serpent. The pommel stone on this one is black onyx.

And here is the other side with the serpent's head. Star and serpent are colored with copper metal paint.