The elegant wands without extensive carving area my favorites. The smooth lines permit the beauty of the natural wood to come through.

Holly Wand in the Classic Style. This holly wand is beautifully smooth and the onion pommel fits perfectly in the palm. Holly is a wood of fiery energy and the will-power of a loyal and courageous heart.

Red Purpleheart with Seven Rings. Purpleheart is an exotic hardwood and this one has been carved with seven rings on the handle emblematical of the seven planets and seven alchemical metals. The pommel stone is beautiful pinkish opal.

Yellow Cedar and Quartz Crystal. This lovely yellow cedar wand is carved with oak leaves on the handle and has a little bulbous bit in the shaft to show off the layers of color in this wood.

Black Walnut with Lapis Lazuli. This is a really stunning wood and one that I associate with the sky spirits. I carved ginkgo leaves on this one as a further symbol of air and wind. The leaves are fan-shaped and very distinctive. Black spirit bear hair core.

Simple Cedar Wand. Showing the delightful natural color this wood can give. Freehand carved and stout.

Cherry Healing Wand. Clear quartz reservoir and fluorite point. Dragonscale core.

Corra Wood from Australia. Carved with a simple vine bearing oak leaves symbolic of the generative power of the Earth.

Brown/black ebony, heavy and useful for tough jobs. Cockatrice feather core.

Slender black ebony with clear citrine crystal reservoir and dragon scale shard core.

closeup of citrine and handle

Holly with classic lines, onion pommel, and runic sigil on handle. Phoenix feather core.

Mahogany with stained finish and a flame motif. Unicorn hair core.

Mahogany without stain, natural finish. Griffin feather core.

Maple Stag Wand with Oghams. The stag shape was natural on a found branch. Spirit deer fur core.

Solomonic Pear Wand. From a found pear wood branch carved with classical Solomonic symbols.

Closeup of the symbols. Core of Unicorn hair.

Closeup of the other side.

Rowan with Bulbous handle. A freeform carve, all in one piece. Delightfully lupine. Spirit Wolf's hair core.

Walnut with Ogham Inscription. Another example of the beauty of walnut wood. Flames motif and phoenix feather core.

The possibilities are endless. Read through the Lore sections of the site on trees and stones and animal cores.