Below are some of the many wands I have made for clients. These all fall into the "fancy embellishments" category, regardless of length. A wand's power is not measured by how fancy the carving is. The embellishments are symbolic and give a wand power through the association of those symbols with the wand's owner.

Alder Wand with Dragon and Wolf

This is an alder wand carved with a dragon at the point and a wolf at the handle. The designs are a little difficult to see because of the way they wrap around the shaft and handle. They are set off against the stained background. The reservoir of this wand is calcite and the point a dark smoky quartz.

Apple Wand with Bells

Below is an elegant and slender apple wand with an Elvish inscription on a ribbon round the shaft. Attached are four groupings of silver bells, reminiscent of the wands of the ancient bards which bore silver bells to announce the telling of a tale.

The triple spiral motif is one that is very ancient. I based this one on carvings from the entrance to Newgrange passage tomb in Ireland.

Apple Pocket Wand

The little wand below is the baby sister of the previous apple wand. A pocket wand, she is only six inches long. Adorned with silver bells and wire and also inscribed in elvish letters. At the base is a triple spiral.

Ash with Beehive Pommel

Note the distinctive beehive style pommel. It symbolizes both industry and community, and also the sweetness of life! Though not a stone or crystal, the carved pommel serves as a reservoir of power on the receptive end. The inscribed ribbon twining up the handle bears elvish script and ash leaves.

Apple Wand with Rose Quartz

The apple wand below has a beautiful rose quartz pommel stone for its reservoir. The spiral pattern on the handle is set off with stain. This wand is very shiny because it is finished with varnish, which gives that sheen. Apple is the wood of love, healing, and of the Isle of Avalon. Apple trees and their fruit are found in the "Island of Apples" or the world of the Divine Creators. Especially beloved of the goddess Rhiannon, lady of women's love for men, and to Arianrhod, the starry goddess of attraction and feminine beauty.

Hazel Air Wand with Oak Leaves and Acorns

The distinctive blue bead at the center of this wand has proven to be a popular style. It signifies the element of Air The oak leaves and acorns on the handle signify strength and enduring magical power. The design carved on the shaft is a pattern of elvish vines, and the reservoir stone is opal. Most wands are consecrated to the philosophical element of fire. However, in some traditions, the wand is accorded to elemental Air. I find that they work both ways and a wand dedicated to Air is most useful in magic of intellectual achievement and communication. Perfect for a writer or scholar.

Oak and Lapis Lazuli

Here is another pocket wand with fancy embellishments. I made this oak wand for my daughter when she was four and so put beaded strings on the handle end and a blunt stone at the "point" end, in this case a lapis lazuli secured with leather wrapping. Lapis Lazuli is probably my favorite stone, evocative of Indigo Magic and the deep search for Wisdom. Dark blue in color and flecked with gold and white, lapis shows us the sky of twilight holding the philosopher's gold of spiritual evolution.

Lignum Vitae with Owl and Turquoise.

A photograph can hardly do justice to the mysterious, dense, heavy wood called lignum vitae. Its name means "tree of life" and it is very dark. No stain was used on the wand below; the natural dark browns and greens and the wide, coarse grain of the wood are allowed to come through with just oil. The owl handle is set with red bead eyes and crowned with a turquoise. Particularly good in defense against dark magic, exorcism of malevolent entities, and cleansing.

Oak with Owl and Amethyst Point

An interesting example of an oak branch with an unusually close grain. A vine bearing oak leaves and acorns winds up to the large amethyst point, while the handle is carved to resemble an owl. Close-ups show the owls crossed wings and tail on the back. As is true of most oak branches, it is curvy and bears a large knot.

Cedar Wand with Bloodstone Reservoir

A lot of carving went into this little wand. It is a pocket wand in size but packs a lot of symbolic power with its ankh and the long runic inscription that twines up its shaft. Cedar is a soft wood and looks good stained or left natural. Bloodstone is a reservoir especially well suited to healing.

Cherry Goddess Serpent Wand

Cherry wood is very smooth-grained and can be polished to a high degree of lustre. The wand below has a serpent goddess twined up its shaft, with her tangled dragonlike tail forming the design on the handle and her hair upholding the citrine point. The reservoir stone is carnelian. The serpent godddess is left unstained to show her off from the background of the shaft.

Elm Wand in Two Tones with Elvish Inscription

One of my favorite wands, this little one was made from the last surviving branch of a great old elm tree that used to be in front of our house. The city came one day and cut it down because it had Dutch elm disease. It broke my heart. This wand commemorates that beautiful grandmother elm and all the other great elm trees we have lost in Minneapolis since I was a kid. The grain of elm is exquisite, as you can see on the shaft where it has been stained with a cherry stain. The elm leaves on the handle and the ribbon on the shaft that bears the wand's name in elvish script are done in gold metallic paint. Note the many knots in this wand. One wise mentor once told me that knots in a wand are like its eyes.

Cherry Wand with Goddess and Serpentine

Now, this is a spectacular wand. Cherry wood is one of the most beautiful in color and grain. The client desired an acorn for the point of the wand which I did in gold with the Four Winds motif in its setting. The shaft is dominated by a flame tree, signifying life and growth, and the large serpentine stone reservoir is held up by a golden goddess, the Mother Earth.

Linden Wand with Owl Handle

Linden is a marvelous wood, very creamy and smooth. However, it is difficult to carve fine detail into it, so this owl was a challenge. I gave him blue beaded eyes which really brought him to life. The wand is finished in two tones, the handle left mostly the natural color of the wood, with stain just to highlight the carving. Note the knots in the shaft. Note the knots in the shaft.

Alder Wood with Rune Leaves and Tiger's Eye.

This wand is one of the most beautiful I have made, richly embellished in gold its main design consists of a helical vine bearing one leaf for each of the Norse Futhark runes. The reservoir stone is a large tiger's eye with remarkable chatoyance. The point includes a smoky quartz crystal. Alder is a beautiful wood to carve and has close affinities with the element of water and the Irish sea-god, Manannan MacLir.

Oak with Massive Redstone.

The client gave me this massive piece of redstone to be used in this hefty wand. It is long and stout and has only a little carving on it because the shape and knots in the branch were so amazing. The point is amethyst. Oak is a very hard and durable wood, most suitable for magic of protection, especially when walking between worlds. Its wood grain is so distinctive that it only needs a finish of oil to bring it out beautifully.

Rowan Two-Tone with Quartz Crystal

This rowan wand is a little beauty, staind in two tones with the shaft darker than the handle. It has rowan leaves and the astrological symbol for Capricorn carved on its handle and on the shaft elvish vines. The quartz crystal reservoir stone is particularly clear and pure.

Walnut Wolf's Head with Snowflake Obsidian Point

This walnut is stained its dark color. It features a wolf's head with a snowflake obsidian point in its mouth. The reservoir stone is quartz crystal. The oak leaves on the handle are cut into deep relief, and you will see along the bottom the astrological signs for Gemini and Pisces, which the client requested. Snowflake obsidian is an interesting stone, reminiscent of the night sky, the darkness from which all light emerges in the stars that make life.

Linden Wand with Triple Point

The quartz crystal point of this linden wand is set in a the crotch of two branches, which have been turned into points themselves. It is emblematic of the three rays of Awen, a sacred symbol of the druid revival and of my Druid Order the O.B.O.D. The shaft is carved with a vine helix bearing oak leaves and spirals. The reservoir stone is alabaster. Linden is a wood with strong resonance to the Cymric goddess Arianrhod, the Elvish Mellara called Sellee. Sheis the goddess of the stars, her palace Caer Arianrhod is the constellation Corona Borealis.

Yellowheart Wand

Yellowheart is an exotic hardwood. This wand received its initial shaping on a lathe and then the knotwork was carved into the handle. Its reservoir stone is green jade.

Yew Isis Wand

A wand of yew, a truly beautiful wood, yellowish in color. This wand has the wings of Isis carved into one side, a cornelian reservoir stone and a citrine crystal point.

Close-up shot of the point. the wings embrace the citrine crystal.