The bespoke wand prices below include a $50 design fee. There is an additional fee for fancy embellishments which is the same for any size wand. You must click this button separately to include the extra charge if you want embellishments. A simple inscription and some carving is included in the base price.

Please fill out an Order Form with your order and return it to me as an email attachment or by post with your donation. Checks and money orders are welcome.

The Add to Cart buttons below are provided for your convenience in paying by credit card through PayPal.

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Full-Sized Wand. $230
10.25 to 18 inches long.
Pocket Wand. $180
Under 11 inches long
Extra Long Wand. $260
Over 18 inches long.


Fancy Embellishments Add $50
leaves, faces, animals, knotwork
Exotic Hardwoods Add $25
ebony, purpleheart, lignum vitae
Crystal Point
Add $10
Pommel Stone Reservoir
Add $10

Make Your Own Wand!

Wand Stock. $20 (plus $8 S&H)
Make your own wand! I have a good selection of most of the woods listed on our Wood page. We'll be happy to remove the bark and do preliminary smoothing for you, upon request. Indicate type of wood desired in comments field of PayPal or via email.

Gifts and Donations

Gift Certificates for PayPal.
Buy one if you would like to give a special gift to someone.
Donate to the Bardwood Institute
Bardwood does more than make magic wands. Its members also write and conduct research into the magical arts and their history. Writing books and articles does not pay much, so this is a way you can pay forward your own prosperity and support our work. A thousand blessings be upon you!

Paying by Check or Money Order

To mail in an order, download our printer-friendly ORDER FORM to accompany your payment by post. Fill out the form in detail (legibly please!). You may reference wands on this site by number and type of wood as examples of what you would like. Send in your payment with your order to the address on the order form. We can accept a personal check, bank check, postal money order, or gold galleons.


Making a Choice from Our Ready-Made Section

Any of the wands on the Ready-Made Gallery can be ordered simply by clicking the PayPal button following the wand's picture. Shipping and handling charges will be automatically added. A wand that is in stock should be mailed within two days unless I am out of town. You should receive an e-mail reply from me after I have received your order
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Shipping and Packing

If ordering by post, please do not neglect to add $12 to the base price of your wand as indicated on the Order Form. This amount will be automatically added if you order via PayPal. I use USPS or International Priority Mail where available. This amount covers the cost of a mailing carton, postage, packing, and my running about to the post office.

International Shipping

International Shipping requires at least $24. If you are ordering internationally, allow extra time between the time we ship the wand and your receipt of it. You are responsible for paying any duty or fees required by your home country.

Delivery Time

Please, allow at least 8 weeks for delivery for all bespoke orders. Allow longer than that if you are ordering in November or December when I hardly ever have time to do any carving work. Orders are filled as they are received, and there is often a queue of customers in front of you, so you must be prepared to be patient. I will do my best to give you an estimate of when I will get to your order and you are welcome to drop me a line for a progress report if you think I might have keeled over or forgotten about you.

A Note to Underaged Wizards

If you are under the age of 17, your psyche is still forming and your brain and body are in a very precarious state due to hormonal changes. This is an important phase of your own growth and metamorphosis. Adding the practice of magic to your life is only likely to cause grief. So, my advice is to wait. You do not need a wand to work magic. What you need is to read and study magic and educate yourself so that you can make a wise and mature decision to follow a very difficult calling. Thus, I hope that underage wizards and witches will have adult approval and supervision should they order one of my wands.


In the event that a crystal point is broken or a stone dislodged, just return the wand to Bard Woodcrafts for expert attention and replacement of stones. If the wand can be repaired I will do so without charge. However, in some cases of breakage, repair may be impossible. If the shaft of a wand breaks, it cannot be revived.


You may return your wand in good condition if you are for any reason dissatisfied, for a refund less shipping and handling costs. I want my clients to be entirely satisfied and the wands I have crafted to find the right home.