The Wizarding Community

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This Community section of the Bardwood web site is intended to draw together links to other wandmakers, crafters, and organizations having to do with Druidry and magic. It is not a comprehensive list by any means. If your organization or site does not appear here and you would like to exchange links with, please drop a line to Alferian.

At right you will see links to Ye Olde Wandmakers Notebook which I have kept up irregularly for the past few years. I started it back when "blog" was just a rude noise, so it does not possess any of the usual bells and whistles of web log sites, nor can you leave comments. You can always drop me a note by e-mail (how old-fashioned!) or send a parchment via owl if you wish to comment on the journal. You may also visit The Weekly Owl, which is my current web log.

There is also a page I maintain of other wandmakers as a service to visitors who don't find what they are looking for in a wand. The Fellowship of Wandmakers page suggests the many talented carvers and crafters working in the art.

There are other pages with information regarding the Druid orders and Magical Associations with which I have some happy familiarity. Finally, there is a section on Academic departments and organizations that study magic and the cultivation of consciousness.