A Magic Wand of Your Very Own

Have you always wished you had a magic wand? One that could make your wishes come true? Magic wands are perhaps the most well-knonw of magical tools in fairy tales and legends, used by wizards, witches, and fairy godmothers in many old stories. They are just as prevalent in modern fantasy novels. We see them in the movies and on television. Magic wands are considered to be the stuff of imagination in our current culture. Yet they are more than mere fantasy...

There are people, even today, who practice magic and wizardry. These mages come from many different schools of magic, from witches' covens, druid groves, and hermetic lodges. For these folks, magic wands are real magical tools. You cannot expect the instant results of the fairy tales, but a mage trained in magic knows well how the Art works, and waving a wand sets in motion forces at the deepest levels of reality. If you are a true and worthy mage and are looking for a special wand, or perhaps one custom designed for you, Bardwood Wandry is the very best place to start.

I am Dr. Alferian Gwydion MacLir, and this online shop is here to help you plan all the details of your special wand. Each Bardwood wand is unique. Enter the Wand Gallery through the portal at your left. There you will find inspiration in the wands I have already created.

For many years, it has been my great pleasure to design and make wands for clients worldwide. I will be happy to consult with you about the magical properties of trees and their wood, or about the virtues of particular stones to use as ætheric reservoirs. Inscriptions and symbols, carved animals, leaves, and spirals are just a few among the options that will make your Bardwood wand perfectly in tune with you and your magical work.

All my work is unconditionally guaranteed to your complete satisfaction.

And, should you wish to make your own wand, the information on this website may help you with that endeavor. For even more lore about magic wands, you can also purchase my book,
Wandlore: The Art of Crafting the Ultimate Magical Tool.

I Remain Faithfully Yours by Sea and Star,

All Bardwood Wands are made by Alferian using hand tools and the finest natural finishing oils and waxes. Each wand is crafted with minute attention to details, both outward and inward. Each is consecrated with the four alchemical Elements and enchanted with a magical core. The use of hair, feathers, and skin to form a core in a wand is a time-honored practice. In the case of mythical magical creatures, the core material -- griffin feather for example -- is placed in the wand in its astral dimension. That is, the core is not something merely material. The wand is not hollow, nor has the inner integrity of the wood been damaged. The core of a wand is an ætheric substance, enchanted into the physical wand. Explore the links to the left and you will find all the answers you seek about the art of crafting the magic wand.