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Magical Cores

The Animal Spirit

I like to enchant my wands with a magical core from some creature of myth and legend, or one from the higher realms of spirit.  The following are suggestions but feel free to suggest other possibilities.  The only limitation is that the bodily ephemera used must not harm the creature and the creature itself must not be a sapient speaking and reasoning creature.  The ideal wand contains something from all three Kingdoms of being: Vegetable (the tree), Mineral (the crystals or stones), and Animal (the enchanted core materials.  Note well, that these are not physical material cores, but are included in the astral body of the wand.  The creatures are themselves from the Lunar sphere, or astral plane of dream and imagination.  This constant link to the higher spheres of existence makes a wand more effective.

You may chose the core you want or let the wand decide itself. Wands often do have a particular idea of what they want.


One of the classic wand cores, the gold and scarlet fire of a phoenix tail feather keys in perfectly to the Fire element that a magic wand represents. Fire of Imagination; fire of Will.  The mythical phoenix is a beautiful and large bird related to the pea fowl.  They are always male and reproduce by auto-combustion, reducing their bodies to a pile of ashes in which a small green egg is found.  The heat from the ashes incubates the egg in a matter of minutes, hatching into a new Phoenix that is really the old one reborn.  The magical properties of phoenix feather include rebirth, transformation, new beginnings, self-actualization, and self-confidence.


With the hindquarters of a lion and the head of an eagle, the gryphon has characteristics of both bird and cat.  Combining two of the fiercest predators, gryphons can stalk and jump like a cat or fly and dive like an eagle.  As its front legs are eagle talons, it seldom misses its prey.  Magically the gryphon represents fearlessness, protection, loyalty, guardianship, nobility, and far-sight. a wing feather is preferred for wand cores because of its luminous golden color.


The ethereal light of dragon scale comes in many colors from black to red to green, silver or gold, copper or blue.  Each type of dragon has somewhat different characteristics and these can be divined from the signification of their colors.  In general, the qualities of that thin sliver of scale used as a wand core include power, assertiveness, guardianship, protection, and dominance.  By color, they can carry elemental associations with water, earth, air, or  fire.


The serpent is the smaller cousin of the dragon, and a sacred animal in almost every culture.  White its bite can be dangerous it also serves an important role in nature, consuming small animals that can become pests.  The snake represents the qualities of knowledge, healing, transformation, rebirth and regeneration.  A thin sliver of its shed skin is used to contain these qualities in a magic wand.


The bear is one of the mightiest of animals, an omnivore characterized for its fierceness.  But there is more to bear's spirit; it also carries the qualities of strength, fearlessness, protection (of its young), nurturing, and deep meditation.  It is the shedded hair of spirit bear, with its silvery light that is employed in wand cores.


With the most luminous hair of all, those shed from the tail or mane of a unicorn carry great spiritual power on every sphere of existence.  Their horn is famed for healing powers as well as serving as a deadly weapon when a unicorn is roused to charge and fight.  The qualities of ferocity and power are mixed with the greatest gentleness and the ability to create peace.  As a wand core, the hair of a unicorn enhances the mages powers of empathy and seership, heightening the spirit-senses.


With the hindquarters of a sea serpent and the head of a horse,  the hippocampus is a the fabled Sea-Horse, yet sometimes considered more closely related to the goat of Capricorn.  With scales and hair, the creature combines water and earth, but is definitely an aquatic animal.  It has the grace of a fish and the determination of a horse, noble and gentle, the aquamarine mane hair conveys the qualities of endurance, and the capacity to dive deep into the Unconscious mind, to sink into the creative chaos of the primal waters from which anything may be manifested.


The hippogryph is sometimes considered to be related to the gryphon for it has an eagle head and the hindquarters of a horse.  It thus combines Air and Earth.  It lends the qualities of swift communication, summoning, courage, and love of freedom.  One of the strangest things about this animal is that it combines in itself the body of an herbivore (a prey animal) with the beak and talons of a great predator.  Nobility, fearlessness, and keen sight emanate from the coppery feathers of the hippogryph.