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Wands are Magical Instruments

If  magic wands were only toys or even just objects d'art, they would not really need to be enchanted.  The real art of wandmaking, however, does require that a ritual be performed to let the wand know it is now called upon to wake up and become the helper of a human witch or wizard.  Of course, as with all witchcraft, it can be as simple or as complex a ceremony as you like.  The ancient Irish druids could break off a branch from the nearest willow tree and whisper a word to make it transmit their will.

     For the wands I carve, the operation of enchantment  is particularly designed to not only awaken the dryad spirit of the wand but also to learn its secret name.  It is also a process of releasing - sending the wand away from me - after many months of close contact - to you.  Breaking the bond with the maker is necessary if you aren't making a wand for your own use.  And that is what I do.

Enchantment is a kind of spell, but one intended to be permanent and transformative. It is a ceremony and like all such things, has to be carried out at the right time and under the right conditions.  I look for the time to enchant a wand intuitively, by considering the phase of the Moon and the positions of other planets in the Signs.  The New or waxing moon, up until it is Full is usually the timing I use to capture the increasing light.  Sometimes night is suitable and sometimes daytime, depending on where the Sun and other planets fall.  It is not scientific.  Usually, I rely on the wand itself to tell me what it wants.

I look for the Moon and other major planets to occupy Fire signs, but not always.  In some wands, water signs (particularly Scorpio) or Air signs (Particularly Gemini and Libra) will carry the energy of occult intensity, magic, communication, and partnership. What House a planet occupies and the aspects made with other planets can be a factor as well, though that doesn't mean that the horoscope is all trines and conjuctions.  The tension of oppositions and squares and other aspects can be important dynamic parts of the wand's makeup.

The position of Venus can indicate how the wand will form partnership with its new owner and how it will work for spells of love, beauty, an attraction. The position of Mars has great bearing because Mars is most closely representative of the Will and a magic wand is an instrument of the Will.  Likewise, Fire is the element of Will, the fundamental power of intention to effect change.

At the right time, with the right energies. I get into the proper frame of mind and act as a midwife to the birth of this new entity in all its complexity.

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What Does Enchantment Mean?

Magical terminology sometimes needs refinement and when I use the word "enchantment" I mean the use of sound, symbolic words, the calling in of the spirits of the four winds and four elements to bless the wand which it is my honor to make.  It is an act of transformation that turns the carved and finished wand finally into a conscious spirit and symbolic tool ready to meet its new master or mistress -- or perhaps partner is a better word.  Enchantment comes from French and originally meant "to sing into" from chant.  The incantation (from the same Latin root) acts upon the etheric existence of the wand.  It is an operation on the Lunar plane or sphere of being.  Like you yourself, your magic wand exists on the etheric and lunar (astral) dimensions.  It partakes of higher frequencies of vibration, to put it another way, and sound on the material plane rises up through the planes to affect much more than the wood or stone seen by ordinary bodily sight.  

If your unique wand includes stones or crystals, these will not be enchanted separately. A wand it all one thing.  However, each stone or crystal has its own energies and powers to contribute to the work you do with it.  Clear Quartz primarily enhances all magic intention and acts as a doorway through the planes.  For more: Read about the attributes of STONES AND CRYSTALS.

What is a Wand Core?

Part of the act of enchantment places inside the wand's etheric body a bit of bodily ephemera from creatures that exist on the higher, lunar plane of being.  The animals in question are mythical and magical because they are the stuff of dreams.  To use another magical term, they are Imaginal. Not merely "imaginary" by which is usually meant "not real." The term "imaginal" refers to the transpersonal Divine Imagination  that is the very act of creation itself.  Images exist on the lunar plane especially, and in a much more real form than they do in the material plane.  You have undoubtedly seen artworks, images that seem amazingly real to you.  Dream images often seem real until you wake and fall out of the higher plane in which you experienced them.  So, when I enchant into a wand a core of unicorn hair, for example, it is hair that has been shed by a unicorn on that lunar plane and collected either by me or by my suppliers on that dimension of reality.  If you cut a wand in half (and please don't!) you would not see the core with your material eyes.  Only with your higher sight can you see it as a luminous object.  For more, see: Wand Cores.

A Wand Letter and Shipping

    The penultimate step in the process is to write up a Wand Letter which certifies its making and enchantment and gives you details about its horoscope.  The letter also tells you the secret name which the wand's dryad spirit revealed to me.  That does not mean you cannot name it yourself as you wish.  It does not mean you need call it by name.  Indeed, you should dedicate your wand with your own ceremony and power, and at that time you may wish to ask it yourself to give you a name to call it.  This name might well be different from the one it gave me.  The letter is rolled up, tied with a ribbon, and included in the box with your wand. 

Our shipping and handling fee ($10) is about what materials cost because we make your wand a unique silk wand bag tailor made and hand sewn, which is then placed in a tailor made and hand-papered wand box.  Bag and Box and additional batting to cushion your new companion, plus a smidge of witchcraft, finish off the process before we put it all in a sturdy mailing box to wend its way to you.  

   It is all part of our custom service to give you the best wand possible. We ship using Priority Mail of the United States Postal Service, which allows tracking and is much more reliable than owls.  Sorry owls.

Dedicating and Consecrating Your Wand

Make the Wand Yours with Ceremony

Whatever your magical tradition may be - witchcraft, druidry, or ritual magic - it is good to perform a ceremony or enchantment of your own after you receive your wand.  You will want to consecrate it and dedicate it to your own work.  If you are like me, you will want to talk with the spirit of the wand, pass some time in meditation together, and then use it.  Using your wand to cast circles or to cast spells is the most important thing of all because there is nothing worse than pouty magic wands who are mad after being left in a box for weeks on end.

     Find a sacred grove.  Burn some incense.  Have your incantations ready.  Do some magic.  The Earth needs more magic!

Make some magic

Make some magic