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Magical Properties of Trees

Learn about the trees and the magical or spiritual properties they can lend to a magic wand.  Oak, Ash, or Thorn? Birch, Hazel, or Apple? Are you planning to commune with the Fair Folk or use your wand for healing magic? Click below and learn.


Magical Properties of Stones and Crystals

A wand does not need to include stones and crystals, but it is often a beautiful addition if you are thinking of devoting it to particular kinds of spells.  Learn about the magical qualities of minerals here by clicking the link below.


Magical Cores

Another way to lend magic to your wand is to choose a particular mythical or magical animal and include a tiny bit of hair or feather or skin.  I never use animals that are sapient or part human.  So, no Harpy feathers, or Nymph hair.  Spirit animals, birds, totems can have great power in the imagination of the mage. Read more lore by clicking the lovely aqua button below.

wand cores

Inscriptions and Symbols

Inscriptions can be included in the carving of a wand.  In some traditions - such as the Solomonic tradition - sigils corresponding to daemons may be required.  Many magical signaries can be used for this. Norse Runes, Elivish letters, Witch sigils, and Alchemical glyphs are some possibilities. Click below for much more lore.