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Tree Lore: The Magical Properties of Trees

The Vegetable Kingdom


No doubt, the choice of tree for your wand is the main choice.  Every tree has some magical or medicinal properties, but the ones listed on this page are those I use for my wandmaking.   Magical properties or qualities give a particular wood-spirit an edge when performing different types of magic.  Some are very good for finding information (Beech for example), while others are particularly good for protection spells (Hawthorn or Ash).  Some kinds of wood are better for carving because they have a smooth grain and a hard surface.  There are a few that are less conducive to fine carving of small or intricate designs - willow or birch for example.  Yet, both willow and birch have special places in tradition for wand making.  You can read about that below.  In each entry, I have included a keyword that can help intuit the quality generally descriptive of the particular tree.  I've also put them in alphabetical order for simplicity.

These are generalizations and to some extent subjective observations, not objective facts.  Apple trees might be great for love spells, but that doesn't mean every apple tree in the world is kind and gentle.  There are some bad apples.  (Look at those apple trees in Wizard of Oz!)



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