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BARDWOOD is the wand workshop of Dr. Alferian Gwydion MacLir, Druid Companion O.B.O.D and wandmaker for over twenty years. We specialize in creating bespoke magic wands to your specifications and preferences with many options to consider.  Our pages on wand lore will tell you about types of wood: Birch, Oak, Ash, Holly, Beech, Yew. Each tree has a different sort of spirit particularly good for particular types of magical work. Consider whether you would like a  symbolic carved reservoir such as an acorn, stupa, or beehive; or if your witchcraft or spell-casting would like a reservoir stone, adding the particular magical properties of quartz, malachite, or hematite perhaps?  A crystal point of various sorts is also a possibility, as well as an enchanted core of a spirit animal suited to you and your magic.


Handmade Works of Art

Beehive wand

Above is a Rowan magic wand carved with a tree and leaf motif, bees, and a beehive pommel reservoir.  Notice also the Norse runic inscription as per the client's wishes. 

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All our magic wands are enchanted by Alferian to prepare them, according to ancient wand lore and symbolism, for active life as your personal instrument for witchcraft, druidry, and meditation. The symbol of your magical will.

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Your Unique Wand

Apple Rose Quartz Wand

You are encouraged to discuss design details to make a magic wand that is uniquely yours. Express your own witchcraft or magery according the wand lore of your own particular tradition.  

Click on the above wand of apple and rose quartz to find out more.

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